5 Best Free Online Grammar And Punctuation Checker For Mac 2017

Free Online Grammar And Punctuation Checker For Mac

Free Online Grammar and Punctuation Checker For Mac

The world would praise you only if you’re a scholar in any field. To be a wise scholar, you should have a good writing, speaking and listening skills in a particular field. Whatever the field may be, one should be good at writing the content without any mistakes. There are several free tools available to enhance the writings. Usually, windows user get more tools and software for the grammar check. Now the Apple Mac users can also get benefited with the free online grammar and punctuation checker for mac.

“Proofreading Tools are the real boon for the Non-Native Speakers.”

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There exist only fewer tools for the grammar check for mac. I have handpicked some of the greatest proofreading and grammar checkers for mac os. Finally, the filtered 5 best free online grammar and punctuation checker for mac 2017 are listed.

NoProduct NameChrome AddonsAccount TypeAction
#1GrammarlyAvailable (Add to chrome)Free/PremiumFree Download
#2Grammarian Pro 2XUnavailableFreeFree Download
#3Ginger SoftwareAvailableFree/PremiumFree Download
#4WhiteSmokeAvailableFree/PremiumFree Download
#51CheckerUnavailableFreeFree Download

5 Things To Know Before Buying or Accessing The Best Grammar Checker For Mac.

  • You should compare the best grammar checker for mac from the various platform resources and finalize the decision.
  • You should invest in the best proofreading software for mac by reading the reviews from the experts.
  • The customer support should be of high-quality and you should analyze them before accessing or buying any proofreading grammar checker for your mac devices.
  • Stick to the best grammar checker and proofreading tool for mac which provides free sync between online cloud.
  • Make sure you get proper ROI for the investment. Else you can just go with the free online grammar checker on your Mac devices.

The 5 Absolutely Amazing Free Grammar Check Software For Mac OS

The below 5 best grammar corrector for Mac users are tested personally for providing a quality information to the blog readers.

#1. Grammarly (Most Recommended)


The Grammarly is the life saver for millions of people in the world as it is seen as a high-class proofreading tool. This is the best grammar checker tool for the Mac users without any doubt.

What does Grammarly for Mac do?

  • Grammarly for Mac does exactly what the people need for checking grammar errors and punctuation mistakes.
  • It helps the Mac users drag & drop the texts inside the Grammar Native App for grammar checking & proofreading purpose.
  • It is the best interface than any other Mac proofreading tool.
  • It helps Mac users quickly access the tool when it has pinned in the dock.
  • It is simple and elegant proofreading tool for Mac Os which helps the users correct their mistakes on the go.


  • Suitable for all age groups.
  • Perfect proofread companion for Mac users.
  • Browser extension and sync available.
  • Drag & Drop texts into Grammarly for Mac.
  • Free dictionary lookup when double click on the texts.


  • No grammar check on Word for Mac exist (No Add-On for MS Word).
  • Premium version costs comparatively high.

People's Opinion:
“Grammarly is the life saver Proofread Tool that helps millions of people. Apart from that, the vocabulary and writing skills are improved very effectively in short span.”

#2. Grammarian Pro 2x

Grammarian - Free Online Grammar And Punctuation Checker For Mac

The Grammarian Pro 2x is the Linguisoft product that provides spell and grammar checker for Mac. It is the unique and reputed productive tool for writing a better content for the Mac users.

What does Grammarian Pro 2x for Mac do?

  • Grammarian Pro 2x is a complete best grammar checker for Mac with lots of features.
  • It has a better interface with colored grammar mistakes and punctuation errors.
  • It has additional dictionary lookup and thesaurus lookup functionality.
  • The preference settings help the Mac users customize this software.


  • Good interactive sounds for each action.
  • Better Auto-Correct Pane for proofreading.
  • Explanations for each grammatical error.


  • The software sometimes crash.
  • It stops working in some Mac due to Spelling Dictionary module.

People's Opinion:
“Grammarian Pro 2x is specially made for the Mac users to enhance the writing skills and proofread the content to the maximum possibility. It does what it says and helps adopted for Mac users exclusively.”

#3. Ginger Software

Ginger Software - Free Online Grammar And Punctuation Checker For Mac

The Ginger Software is a famous and productive proofreading tool which saves tons of time creating an epic content. Unfortunately, there is no separate software for Mac users (as of May 2017). But I am damn sure that Ginger Software online tool for Safari Browser would be the best choice for proofreading the content on the Mac platform.

What does Ginger Software For Mac (Safari) do?

  • It checks the possible grammatical errors and punctuation mistakes in a fraction of a second.
  • The contextual errors are suspected faster on your content.
  • It is the free punctuation checker for Mac browser with more features such as sentence rephrasing & translation.
  • It sounds like a personal trainer for your writing part.


  • Best companion for your error-free contents.
  • Ginger Page mobile application is available for iOS users adds value.
  • Improves the quality writing.


  • No explanation for errors.
  • No plagiarism check.

People's Opinion:
“Ginger Software is an all in one package for synonyms checker, grammar checker, sentence rephrase and so on. It deserves the top position as one of the great productive proofreader.”

#4. WhiteSmoke

WhiteSmoke - Free Online Grammar And Punctuation Checker For Mac

The WhiteSmoke is one of the best free online grammar and punctuation checker for Mac. It has exclusive proofreading and grammar checking software for Mac Os users.

What does WhiteSmoke for Mac do?

  • The up-to-date dictionary module is the best feature available.
  • The flawless writing is guaranteed with the AI – Artificial Intelligence technology.
  • It allows the Mac users instantly check the grammar and spelling errors in a fraction of a second.
  • It is a quick and effective grammar checker and punctuation checker software for the mac users.


  • Mobile application is available for Mac users.
  • Finds millions of grammar errors and misspelled words.
  • The detailed review of your writing statistics.


  • No plagiarism check.

People's Opinion:
“WhiteSmoke helps skyrocket my proofreading process in an optimistic way. It is really optimized for the Mac users without any doubt and does all the essential part for proofreading in a minimalistic manner”

#5. 1Checker

1Checker - Free Online Grammar And Punctuation Checker For Mac

The 1Checker is a high-end proofreading tool for cross-platforms such as Windows, Mac, Online and so on. It is one of the best free grammar check software for mac without any doubt. It does more things from grammar error findings to writing style issue.

What does 1Checker for Mac do?

  • It is based on a cloud computing technology and thus the perfect internet connection favors perfect proofreading process.
  • It allows the Mac users check for the translation part in a simple manner.
  • The vocabulary enrichment, spelling check, style review and more proofreading related features are guaranteed.
  • No fear of loss of your valuable content to any 3rd party people.


  • Helpful for ideal writing.
  • Simple, lightweight, effective, responsive Mac software.
  • Suitable for Non-Native English Speakers.
  • Supportive Community.
  • Free for lifetime.


  • Bugs with light internet connectivity.

People's Opinion:
“1checker is a simple, elegant software for proofreading purpose and enhance the writing skills to the maximum level. It allows the users save time on checking grammar error and punctuation mistakes instantly.”


Thus, you’ve come to know that the above 5 best free online grammar and punctuation checker for Mac could do miracles for your proofreading work. I bet that these 5 shortlisted best proofreading tools are boon for the Non-Native English speaker. The Mac software that is exposed in this blog post is personally tested and then benchmarked for providing high-quality information.

One should refer various resources before trying or purchasing any proofreading software & tool for the Mac Os. You should be also aware of plagiarism checker and download free plagiarism checker software for mac if possible.

I hope you could improve the writing skills in an effectively awesome way with the above software mentioned in this Free Online Grammar And Punctuation Checker For Mac content.

Note: The content which you've been reading is purely written with the help of Grammarly Premium Tool. It helps me write the article that makes the visitors read without any complex issue. The readability improves drastically indeed. So, I personally recommend you Grammarly Premium Tool for your awesome career.

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