WPX Hosting vs FastComet Hosting – Mind Blowing Comparision


WPX Hosting vs FastComet Hosting

The Websites are the trending asset that every people own in these days. To build any successful website, one must hold the best web hosting. There are several parameters to be considered while choosing the best hosting provider. The WPX Hosting vs Fastcomet Hosting comparison would help you choose your desired hosting provider.

Detailed Review about choosing either WPX Hosting or FastComet

The WPX hosting and FastComet hosting seems to be an affordable & reliable hosting platforms. The website is seen as the brand identity and one must concentrate more on the online presence. The several essential factors such as speed, uptime, price, storage, customer support & security of a website influence the purchasing of the best hosting provider indeed.

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You will sure choose either WPX Hosting or FastComet after undergoing through our in-depth analysis. I have evaluated both the WPX Hosting and FastComet precisely in this article.

Kindly go through the complete analysis that we have crafted in this section.

Major Comparison of WPX Hosting and FastComet Hosting

​The few essential comparison of WPX & Fastcomet would be elaborated in the below section. The comparisons were made based on my own experience.

#1. Speed & Server Uptime

The speed of the website is a very important criterion to be analyzed for attaining the success. The WPX Hosting provides better speed and good uptime with 99.95% guarantee. It is really fast and stable which made my Traffic Crow Website host using WPX platform (As of May 2017). The WPX Hosting Discount offers are also available online where it could be bought for a very low price.

Also, FastComet provides the same speed satisfaction for my Niche Website. It is blazing fast and their uptime looks pretty awesome. I hosted my Niche Blogs using FastComet as it is of cheap cost & provides stable uptime. It never let my Niche Blog down in any case.

#2. SSD Disk Storage & Bandwidth Quota

The SSD Storage is far superior to HDD Storage. The Solid State Drive – SSD storage unit makes your website load quicker than ever. The WPX Hosting Packages comes with 10GB SSD Storage. It comes with 50GB of Data bandwidth quota as well.

The 15GB SSD Storage is packed with the starter package which is enough for the website needs at the initial stage. It is also cheap in price which makes your budget an economical one. It allows up to 25,000 unique visits per month.

#3. Live Chat and Customer Support

Customer Support is a major factor to be considered before buying any website hosting. I have experienced world-class Customer Support from WPX Hosting team where my queries are solved instantly. I have asked several silly questions and also got the prompt reply via Live Chat.

The Customer Support and perfect resources were also provided by the FastComet and it makes my website and Niche Blogs established in very short period. I am a non-coder and lacked in Technical Hosting and so I wasn’t able to configure my website. But the FastComet Team gave me full support till launching my Niche Blog.

#4. 1 Click Installation of Applications

To build a successful website/blog, then one should be aware of the technology that behind the hosting industry. It helps us grow faster than before.

The WPX Hosting platform which is formerly known as Traffic Planet provided ultimate collections of web applications and online software. I am happy to access all the Open Source application by integrated into my website. The WordPress script installation helped me a lot in building my weblog faster.

The FastComet has the wide variety of open source and popular application collection which could be easily integrated into the hosting server. I enjoyed customizing and play with the listed application without any hassle. It includes CronJobs, WordPress, PHP, Softaculous Apps, etc.

#5. cPanel Access

The cPanel is the place where all the necessary hosting actions are grouped and navigated properly. It helps us do the work faster by accessing the cPanel account. The WPX Hosting gives a nice cPanel and Managed WP dashboard which provides user-friendly control. It makes my work done faster without any complex activities finding for the desired menu.

The FastComet has a precise and simple cPanel dashboard. It saves huge time building and customizing my website and blogs. You can access from Domain Add-ons to DNS zone file and has broad cPanel control.

#6. Refund & Renewal Cost

The refund policy is also a mandatory one which is to be considered before buying any Hosting Package. In spite of any issue arose against your Hosting Platform, then your invested money could be recovered without any problem.

The WPX hosting provider assures 3o-Day Money Back Guarantee. I have never used any Money Back Policy as their service keeps me stick to them.

The FastComet Hosting assures 45-Day Money Back Guarantee as well without any contract issue.

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Reasons to Choose the best Hosting 

(WPX Hosting or FasComet Hosting)

Both the WPX Hosting and FastComet Hosting are reliable hosting platforms that everyone should try at least once before going for the purchase of any other hosting packages.

  • When it comes to Renewal Costs, I would recommend FastComet as they renew your Domain for free for lifetime. The price for renewal and other upgradations doesn’t cost high with the FastComet.
  • When it comes to Speed & Stability, both the hosting providers perform well. There is no particular choice from my side regarding speed & stability of a website.
  • When it comes to SSD Storage and Bandwidth Quota, the FastComet could overtake the WPX hosting. FastComet SSD Storage boasts with 15GB Storage whereas the WPX Hosting offers 10GB Storage.
  • When it comes to Customer & Live Support, both the web-hosting wins the heart. I can’t give any single recommendation as both the Webhosting cares their customer a lot. I’m personally satisfied with their Customer Support and Services.
  • When it comes to Price, Criterion FastComet Hosting is reliable and suited than the WPX Hosting. The Basic Package of WPX hosting costs around $24.99 whereas the FastComet costs only $2.95 per month.

WPX Hosting FAQs

FastComet Hosting FAQs

Customer Score for FastComet & WPX Hosting

Both the WPX Hosting and FastComet Hosting are reliable hosting platforms that everyone should try at least once before going for the purchase of any other hosting packages.

The Customer Score for WPX Hosting is 4.5 stars out of 5 stars rating as per WpSuperstars’ (Adam Connell) review and evaluation.


The Customer Score for FastComet Hosting is 9.8 stars out of 10 stars rating as per HostAdvice’s review and case study. You may also check the FastComet Discount Page for grabbing the deals at very cheap cost.

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WPX Hosting - Pros

  • True SSD Hosting
  • Free SSL integration
  • Free Site Migration
  • Multiple PHP version support.

WPX Hosting - Cons

  • Expensive Pricing Tag.

Fastcomet - Pros

  • Free Domain Renewal for life
  • Cheap and Reliable Webhosting
  • Free Migration
  • Good Customer Support
  • WordPress and other Script integration.

Fastcomet - Cons

  • Low performance in speed.

Conclusion (End of WPX Hosting vs FastComet Hosting)

Finally, I have compiled the best comparison of WPX Hosting and FastComet Hosting with the necessary data. I have experienced both the hosting platform and it was damn reliable for hosting the website safely. I recommend you choose either WPX hosting or FastComet without any hesitation via WPX Hosting vs FastComet Hosting.

I have tested and reviewed the hosting providers which would be very helpful in deciding your hosting vendor for your website. I hope that WPX Hosting vs FastComet Hosting comparison would clear your queries in grabbing the best hosting network.

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